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Ennovate  Flagship

The flagship event of BloomBox, Ennovate is the highlight of the E-Summit, but this time it has a different touch to it. Participants in this competition will be given domains to sink in and come up with an ideal business model that will revolutionize the functioning of that domain and add value to it by making it easier for the dispenser’s as well as the receiver’s end. The winner will be rewarded with prizes but the ultimate goal of Ennovate is to give the participants a sneak-peak into the entrepreneurial world and hence promote entrepreneurship.
For Problem Statement Domains, Click on Know More.

Zero to Hero - A Success Story

 25th April, 2021    11:00 am

An interesting webinar for aspiring entrepreneurs mind you, not just aspiring entrepreneurs but for people who aspire to greatness, who aspire to do things in life that no one else dares to. The session will sure have a business aspect to it but it will primarily focus on being the best version of yourself and how to push yourselves to be a part of the 1%. A star speaker sharing his Success Story of how he went from Zero to Hero is what will keep the audience engaged in the Webinar


 24th April, 2021    2:00 pm

Ideathon is a two day long competition where participants will be provided with problem statements which will be revolving around ideas that are usually very convenient but could be more efficient with a touch of innovation; the birthplace of the innovation will be ideation. The competition will be in teams and teams will be given 15-20 minutes to think of a creative solution to a particular problem and the shortlisted teams would be pitching the solutions in the second round.


 24th April, 2021    6:00 pm

BloomBox as a part of the E-Summit has come up with a Fun Learning and Informal Event where the Participants compete against each other based on their Business and Entrepreneurship Knowledge and the skill of applying it quick to find solutions of problems hand Crafted by the BloomBox Team. The Winners of the round 1 will enter a more cutthroat Competition of Linked PDFs where they compete against Time to Win!

Rising Entrepreneur

 24th April, 2021    4:00 pm

A competition for a cause. Unlike other competitions where the participation is for winning and gaining experience this competition will promote, encourage and foster the idea of social entrepreneurship which is defined as an approach by individuals, groups, start-up companies or entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. In this competition the same will be expected from the participants to come up with an idea that resolves an issue pertaining to a product and motivates you to fight for a cause.

Financial Planning in Student Life

 25th April, 2021    4:00 pm

A webinar that shows how financial planning helps the student see the world for what it is, and that is, to always live according to their means. The session will emphasize on how planning early or how just being financially educated early in life will take you places. There is this adage that goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Financial planning as a student will not only help you tackle present economic challenges, but those, that will be coming in subsequent times.

Mock Crypto Trading Contest

 24th April, 2021    12:00 pm

An event that will introduce you to the next big thing so that you don’t get left behind in the race of being the next global leader. Cryptocurrency trading will not only educate you about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency but will also aim to make you street smart by helping you trade in counterfeit cryptocurrency that will challenge as well as educate you about the condition of the current crypto market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BloomBox is here with the first ever E-summit of KJSCE to promote Entrepreneurship among young minds.
All undergrads can participate in the Summit.
No, there's no registration fees for any of the event as we are a Non-Profit Organization.
No, there's no limit on the number of events one can participate in.
The entire E-Summit will be held in an online mode.
No, there's no such necessity but all the team members should be undergrads.
Events will be held on various platforms like Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.