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A brief about BloomBox and what we do

BloomBox is the Not-for-profit Student run Entrepreneurship Cell of K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering. It was Founded in December 2011 with a mission to provide an experiential learning platform for students by acquainting them with the knowledge for enterprise building. We believe that engineers harbour a latent potential to be the employment generators of tomorrow, pioneering technological and economic growth of the country.

BloomBox is intended as a platform to motivate and educate students about entrepreneurship and encourage them to flesh out their ideas in business terms and form global enterprises that combine technology, vision and business acumen. Our aim is to channelize our efforts towards spreading knowledge and inculcating enthusiasm amongst the students by altering their perspective of business in a manner that they shall cherish and shall remain etched in their memory.

BloomBox has 3 primary focus areas: -

1. Core Business - Idea generation, how technology helps solve problems, how banks work, micro-finance, stock exchange venture capital and private equity, preparing financial projections.

2. Intellectual Property - Why is intellectual property important in today's business scenario, how to conduct a prior art search, drafting documents and technology licensing.

3. Allied Topics - Entrepreneurs forum, Business Case Studies and Social Entrepreneurship.

Frequently Asked Questions

BloomBox helps the campus companies by guiding them, connecting them with industry experts for mentorship, investment and incubation and also helps with permissions for any college infrastructure if required.
BloomBox itself does not provide incubation but has associations with incubation centers in Mumbai to provide incubation to Campus Company.
BloomBox helps startups from other colleges in the form of mentorship and networking. But startups from colleges other than KJSCE are not allowed to do any sort of promotion inside KJSCE campus without prior permission from BloomBox.
BloomBox is a non-profit student organization. So, BloomBox doesn't take any form of control or monetary share of the startup. The company completely owns all the legal rights of its own.
BloomBox doesn't provide any sort of financial support to campus companies. The campus companies are connected with BloomBox partners for financial support.

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